A Family Affair

Another amazing session brought to you by the Waypa's and the Trueblood's. Jordan asked us to capture some updated family photos, but the task at hand was capturing the entire gang, along with individual families.

They made it easy. You can tell love runs deep in this family, without a doubt.


The Benjamin Family

Nothing is sweeter than updating family photos.

Meg was also amongst my first clients, and her and her husband (Peter) were my first engagement session. Now two kiddos later, their bond is stronger than ever, the laughters are deep, and the love is sweet.


Gaining One More

Adrianne and her family (the Gaines) are Gaining a sweet new addition to their family. Adrianne is an amazingly strong woman I had the pleasure of meeting through Arbonne. After a short 30 day clean eating challenge, I now consider her a good friend.

Naturally when she had some exciting news to share with the world, I was delighted to capture that sweet moment.



Williams 2019

It is always a joy and honor to capture my sisters amazingly wonderful, talented, driven, faithful family.

What more can I say - talk about a family!


The Lucky Ones

The wonderful thing about love is that it knows no bounds.

From taking her graduation photos, to taking her engagement photos, I could not be more happy for Kylee. Seeing this relationship blossom into something so strong, true, and wonderful has been a joy. Seeing her love and be loved has been a blessing.

Their wedding slogan is "The Lucky Ones", which is fitting - they're lucky to have found one another, and we are lucky to witness a love so true.


Baby Davis

On the way is a wonderful bundle of joy. Steven, Giselle, and Raven are about to welcome a new family member.

This little girl is going to be strong, loved, and talented.


The Future Mrs. Jones

The story is as old as time. The boy saw the girl and knew…

Andre first saw Sarah in high school, they began to talk (she of course was with some ‘loser’) and the rest is a fairytale. Through high school and college their relationship blossomed and grew into something most people only dream of. Now, she gets to marry her best friend – and vice versa.

To the beautiful couple, may the next chapter be nothing short of amazing.


Waypa's Add One More!

The Waypa’s have a special place in my heart. Jordan was my first “client” back when I took a college photography course. Throughout life, she has asked me to capture so many special milestones for her! Each time is a joy and truly humbling to have the opportunity to share in all these wonderful moments with her family!


Scott Family Christmas

Big families mean big smiles and deep belly laughs. It was the holiday season and the Scott family were coming together and needed some updated family photos. From making kids laugh, to sibling silliness, it was a joy to capture these sweet family moments.


Braxton Turns One!

Milestones are important to us, so when we had the opportunity to capture my second cousins 1st birthday, we were thrilled! Cake, balloons, and a little cutie! It can be hard to capture a one year old, but he was a natural once the camera came out!


Mr. FurQaan

Rabbanni is a friend who needed some new headshots. Not only for his new job, but to have some options when placing his best face forward. We headed downtown and had a great time just capturing some strong GQ poses to add to his collection!


Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Capturing life moments does not get any bigger than when your friend asks you to attend her wedding. Not as the primary photographer, but to capture sweet, casual moments at their reception. The story of Christine and Herb is nothing short of a fairy tale. Hard work, open communication, and the desire to chase each other’s dreams. Watching Herb tend to Christine's heart has been a huge blessing in the lives of their friends and family. What a beautiful reception, for a beautiful couple.



Lilli and Brent were looking to get a little extra moments captured of their special day. I was honored to be asked to capture them. Getting to see these two from day one to now, has been such a wonderful blessing. You can tell they share a special bond, love eachother deeply, and best of all - can laugh together!


Mapes/Eyler/Jones Family

Every year, my Aunt Pam hosts a huge Christmas Party - and let me tell ya, it is HUGE! From brithday presents, to awesome soup, to lots of love and laughter. Being able to capture these moments for her was a joy!



My relationship with Danielle goes way back - way back as in we are cousins. Now, everyone knows family can be complicated...but the best part about family is you can pick up where you left off, no matter the time apart. It has been several years since I last saw my cousin, but meeting up and getting to capture these sweet moments was such a joy, and honestly, like I just saw her last week. From her infectious laugh, kind spirit, and love for her boys - my job was easy!



I have known Zach since he was a student worker, and even then he had the heart of a dad, and the spirit of a loving husband. To see him transition into this relationship with Sara, which was adorable to watch I might add, to their wedding, to now welcoming two littles of their own was such a joy! The look Zach has for his wife, and mother of his children, is absolutely precious...and can we just talk about how glowing Sara is?! She rocked it, and made my job super easy! Congratulations you two, I cannot wait to meet them!


Waypa Family

What a wonderful morning! Jordan was one of my first "Clients" all the way back in 2006! It was just a photography class, but having taken photos of her beautiful family now brought me to tears. The happy kind of course! To see her and Mike's, her husband, relationship grow into this beautifully faithful marriage with their little blessing Mikey a joy to see and experience. Their love for their son, and eachother, was a beautiful thing to see and is a true testiment to what faith, love, dedication, and prayer can do.



On Monday August 21st, 2017 we had the opportunity to witness the solar eclipse in the path of totality! We were posted up at St. Joe's state park in Illinois and had a great view! Everything we experienced was dead on with what we heard would happen. With our feet in the sandy banks of a lake, the water became still, the sand cooled at least 10 degrees, and the night bugs came out. While short, it was amazing to see in front of us a complete night sky (stars included), while behind us had an eerie sunrise tint to it. What an awesome experience!



Laughter, prayers, happy tears, and a LOT of gifts. One of my greatest joys is to capture the Owens/Adams family moments...so much so that I never attend a function without my camera! It was a beautiful day and I could not be more excited that God chose these two to be the parents of this baby. Their little 'panda' will for sure be melting hearts soon!



What a FUN session. We spent the afternoon in Sedona and ended the day popping some champagne in honor of the recently engaged couple. Brent is the perfect compliment to Lilli, and vice versa. He is calm, cool, and collected; and she is silly, fun, and outgoing! It was an honor to capture this moment for them... from watching their story grow to this moment has been a blessing. I am so excited for this next chapter of their lives and cannot wait to see the next precious moments in their story.



When your sister asks you to take family photos, of course the answer is 'HECK YES!' It is an honor and privilege to have been able to capture my sweet family, and these rare moments they are all together! Faith, love, dedication and hard work run through this family! Trying to get my nephews to smile, capturing my brother-in-laws boisterous personality and my sisters grace, was a fun way to capture the quiet moments in their busy lives.



This is the second time shooting for the Burns Family. Their boys are still as sweet and funny as ever, and the love between husband and wife is still just as glowing!



Christmas time in Phoenix! This session was filled with laughter, lots of hugs, and lots of kisses. The Anderson family is sweet, tender and filled with love. This is very clear in their photos. Their two boys were a joy to capture, as well as the sweet moments between wife and husband.


Burns Family

What do you get when you mix a loving husband, hardworking mother, a comedic ham, and a brilliant young man? The Burns Family! I had the pleasure and opportunity to capture this family and all their cute and loveable moments! They were a hoot!



Another success story. Whittley wanted some nice photos to commemorate her undergraduate degree in nursing. Her excitement to be done and moving on to the next stage of her life was apparent in her photos. She is proud of herself, her hard work, her accomplishments and the fulfillment of completing her degree. Capturing her joy and beauty was easy!



What a beautiful day! A bridal shower filled with family treasures, laughter, tears, prayers and thankful hearts. Everyone was excited when Rafer popped the question to Jenny, and even more excited to see where God took them on this next step.



Miracles happen every day, but this one was a little extra special. After working with Meagan for a year, her faith and dedication to Gods plan for her life was inspiring...even when she may not have felt so inspiring. After adopting 4 kiddos, their little family got huge and unexpected news. Meagan was pregnant with a little angel of their own. Everyone was thrilled that not only would this little girl have the most loving parents, but she would be welcomed by 4 older siblings.

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Rachel was one of the first people 'referred' to me, but let me tell you, photographing this young woman helped me grow professionally. It was the first time I was able to put what this company is all about into practice. In her busy schedule and craziness before graduation, Rachel set the stage of her journey through college. With her friends by her side, we captured some amazing moments that summed up the long, tiring, difficult, and joyful road to becoming a nurse.



Free Spirit. Friend. Individual. Fighter.

Just a few words I would use to describe this amazing human being. Not only did she sell me my camera, thank you again for that Ky!, but she became one of my closest friends in the process. Spending time with Ky is never boring, and always full of laughter. Her college graduation was more than just an accomplishment, it was a testiment to her strength and dedication. It was also an indicator that the next chapters of her life would be just as successful! Any time spent with Ky, is time well spent!



Sunshine, friends and family, and a few risky presents. Meg's bridal shower was a lovely afternoon celebrating her and Peter. While there are few photos, and I was not 'on duty', I took my camera and snapped a few photos to help her remember this special day.



Let me tell you about my best friend!

Talk about a girl who has come a long way, and is still continuing to thrive. Spending the afternoon with my best friend, in celebration of this joyus moment for her, was such a great experience. Not only did she graduate top in her class, but she looked great doing it! Her confidence shines through and that is what I love most about her. I really could go on and on about her, but I will let the photos speak for themselves!

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If you ever want to meet the most kind, loving, stern, and real person...Marion is it. I had the pleasure of knowing Marion in college. She lived in my hall and one of the things I admired most about her, was she knew who she was, what she wanted, where she was going, and was so faithfully confident in that. When she heard I was starting to dabble in photography she asked if I would be willing to take her senior portraits. Of course I said yes. (Uhm, duh...).



Taking photos for Jenny, as mentioned in later posts, ushered in a whole new network of amazing people I had the pleasure of capturing life moments. It is a joy to spend time with the Adams, and capture all of their fun, silly, and cherished moments.



As some of my first clients, I was honored when Meg and Peter chose me to take their enagement photos. Meg and I met at Point Loma as transfer students living in the same dorm. When I met Peter, he was (and still is) smart, funny, kind, and welcoming. Watching the two of them grow into a couple, become engaged, get married and have a baby has been a huge blessing.



Jenny Brooke. A little history for you. While I had a few years of practice under my belt, my passion and productivity in photography had waivered to the point Jenny knew what to do to help me in that difficult time. Jenny asked me to take her senior portraits and in doing so catapulted me back into my favorite passion. Jenny, and her family, loved the photos so much I was then asked to be their photographer for a series of huge life moments in the Adams family. The photos of her speak for themselfs and the amazing woman she is!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, my FIRST client. Jordan and I took a photography class in 2007. Luckily for me, she wanted some new photos of her taken to give to her boyfriend. We went out and about and were able to not only put our new skills into practice, but create some beautiful photos and memories for her to share with the love of her life! She really made my job easy...I mean, she is beautiful, take a look!