Photo sessions come with a lot of questions! Below are some of the most common, if something isn't here... don't hesitate to ask!

How long is a session?

Sessions are typically 1-2 hours. However, this can range depending on locations, time, and what you ultimetly want for your photos!

How much is a session?


What do I get?

The total cost of the session includes the session time, the neccessary edits, and digital copies of what I have deemed 'the best of the shoot'. A typical shoot can yield up to 400+ photos. My customers will recieve their edited photos (typically 20-40 photos) via a link for them to download, post, save, and send off to be printed.

Do you print photos?

Yes. If you would like more 'official' prints, this is something that can be arranged at an additional cost.

Is there a 'best time'?

Lighting is an important component of photography, so bluntly...yes. Early mornings, and mid/late afternoon are best for photos (especially if they are outside). Location also plays a role; if this is a home session, hotel session, or even a coffee house session, there is a wider range of times we can choose.

May I bring props?

Of course! These are YOUR photos. Bring props, signs, balloons, confetti, and so on!

May I change outfits?

YES! We are together for 2+ hours, you can change as many times as you'd like and as time allows!

May I bring a friend?

Only if this friend can make you laugh! Bringing a 'buddy' on a shoot is fine. Typically people do so to ensure some of their 'real' expressions are captured. Make sure to bring a friend you trust and know, rather than bringing someone to bring some one. Editing only does so much, so if your friend annoys you, you will see that come through in your photos.

How do I get featured on your site?

In our initial meeting, I will ask if I have your permission to post your session on my website. Should you say yes, it is that simple! If your reply is no, also fine! These are your photos and I respect my clients wishes. Should you decline, your photos will still be sent digitally to you so you can view them but will not appear on any of Good Finch's sites.